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1-2-1 Vacation Rentals

All Towns - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 294 Bayou Circle Phone: 850-835-5212



30-A Suites

All Towns, Santa Rosa Beach - (Hotels & Inns, Vacation Rentals)

Location: 6904 Hwy 30-A West Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Phone: 850.499.5058



360 Blue Properties

All Towns - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 2048 County Rd 30A #107, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Phone: (866) 906-3581


Alys Beach Vacation Rentals

All Towns, Alys Beach - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: Alys Beach, Florida on Scenic Highway 30-A

Phone: 866-732-9276



Coldwell Banker Resort Management

All Towns - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 22901 Panama City Beach Parkway

Phone: 800-421-4853


Cottage Rental Agency in Seaside

Seaside - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 2311 E. County Rd, on Scenic 30A in Seaside, FL 32459

Phone: 888-732-7433



Dale E. Peterson Vacations

All Towns - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 321 Harbor Blvd Destin, FL 32541

Phone: (800) 781-4570


Dune Allen Realty Vacation Rentals

Dune Allen Beach - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 5200 West Scenic 30-A

Phone: 888-267-2121



Dune REC

Dune Allen Beach, Santa Rosa Beach - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 1394 County Highway 283 S Bld 13 Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 32459

Phone: (855) 813-3783


Emerald Coast Vacation Rentals

Sandestin (off 30-A) - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 12273 Emerald Coast Parkway, Miramar Beach, FL 32550

Phone: (888) 23BEACH

Point of Contact: Reservations


Emerald Sun Properties

All Towns, Seagrove Beach - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 3657 County Hwy 30-A

Phone: 888-750-3554


Emerald Waters

All Towns, Seacrest Beach - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 8281 E Co Hwy 30A, Panama City Beach, FL 32413

Phone: 800-226-3974


Five Star Beach Properties

All Towns, Blue Mountain Beach, Destin (off 30-A), Dune Allen Beach, Grayton Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Seaside - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 3754 W County Highway 30a – Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Phone: (800) 208 2324 ext 1


Point of Contact: 30A Vacation Rental Provider


Garrett Realty Rentals

All Towns, Seagrove Beach - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 3723 E Co Hwy 30A, Seagrove Beach, FL 32459

Phone: (850) 231-1544


Grayton Coast Rentals

Grayton Beach - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 133 Defuniak St. in Grayton Beach, Florida

Phone: 850.231.2888


Gulf Place Rentals

Gulf Place - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 95 Laura Hamilton Blvd Santa Rosa Beach Florida, 32459

Phone: 1.800.336.GULF (4853) or (850) 267.2562


Hibiscus Coffee & Guesthouse

Grayton Beach, All Towns - (Bed & Breakfast)

Location: 85 Defuniak Street a.k.a. County Road 283

Phone: 850-231-2733


Highland’s House Bed & Breakfast

Blue Mountain Beach - (Bed & Breakfast)

Location: 4193 County Rd 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Phone: 850-267-0110



Inn By The Sea

Seaside - (Hotel)

Location: 38 Seaside Ave, Seaside, FL 32459

Phone: 800-277-8696


Newman-Dailey Resort Properties, Inc.

All Towns - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 12815 Emerald Coast Pkwy #100, Miramar Beach FL 32550

Phone: 800-225-7652; 850-837-1071


Ocean Reef Resorts

All Towns, Seacrest Beach - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 9961 Scenic Highway 30a Seacrest Beach, FL 32413

Phone: 850-837-3935


Point of Contact: Todd Kleppinger



All Towns - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 3768 E Co Hwy 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Phone: (850) 267-1616


Rivard of South Walton Rentals

All Towns, Grayton Beach - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 15 Pine St, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Phone: (850) 231-4446


Rosemary Beach Cottage Rentals

Rosemary Beach, All Towns - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: Rosemary Beach Phone: 888-855-1551



Southern Resorts

All Towns - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 4608 Opa-Locka Lane Suite 100, Destin FL 32541

Phone: 800-737-2322



Sugar Beach Inn

Seagrove Beach, All Towns - (Bed & Breakfast)

Location: Bed & Breakfast; 3501 E Scenic 30-A

Phone: 850-231-1577


Point of Contact: Russell Paine


Sunburst Beach Rentals

Seagrove Beach - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 59 Canal Street, Seagrove Beach, FL 32459

Phone: 866-310-5718

Point of Contact: Steve Howard


The Pearl Hotel

Rosemary Beach

Location: 63 Main Street, Rosemary Beach FL 32461

Phone: 850.233.6405


The Pensione

Rosemary Beach - (Bed & Breakfast)

Location: 78 Main Street

Phone: 850-231-1790


WaterColor Inn

All Towns, WaterColor - (Hotels & Inns)

Location: 34 Goldenrod Circle

Phone: 866-426-2656; 850-534-5000


WaterColor Vacations

WaterColor - (Vacation Rentals)

Location: 34 Goldenrod Circle

Phone: 866042602656



30A Vacation Rental Directory

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